PSC Software™: The Beginnings

By Kevin Meono, Computer Systems Validation Engineer

If you’re reading this, you’re either familiar with PSC Biotech Corporation being a software company, or this piece of the business is completely new to you. Either way, you’re interested in hearing about how our revolutionary software came to fruition, so here’s some background.

PSC Biotech Corporation was founded in 1996 by life science experts as a professional services company in Southern California. Through 17 years of pharmaceutical experience, John Clapham, CEO, was able to amass an intimate understanding of the processes within the life science industry that could be improved. Roughly 10 years after the inception of the professional services business, he began to formulate a vision of providing software solutions for the severely underserved processes surrounding inspections, CAPAs, and audits.

In 2007, John did just that, and thus, PSC Software™ was born. Gilbert Gomez, Chief Technology Officer, and his team diligently constructed and successfully developed the applications AuditUtopia™, EZ-CAPA and Auditca with new Web 2.0 technologies to address these needs.

Armed with the intimate knowledge of the pain points of the industry, AuditUtopia™ became a high-demand product for inspection management and tracking and managing inspection requests. It soon became the flagship application for PSC Software™. With the need to scale, AuditUtopia™ converted to a multi-tenant Amazon cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in order to continue providing a world-class software as a service (SaaS) solution for our customers. This change enabled AuditUtopia™ to become even more reliable and secure for our clients’ in-house installations.

Building on the success and experience from AuditUtopia™, PSC Software™ worked to develop a solution that could service any quality process, queue the birth of Adaptive Compliance Engine™ (ACE).
Many of the processes that govern life science companies rules in inspection, audit and CAPA processes, and the team decided these could be configured in a consolidated quality management system (QMS). Every aspect of ACE was built with the cloud in mind and architected to take advantage of Web 2.0 technologies. This highly scalable and highly available cloud infrastructure has enabled a seamless cloud experience for our customers. It turns out that this software would not only be able to service the life science sector, but any quality process.

Applications developed by PSC Software™ address the needs of organizations that must maintain compliance in regulated industries. Our principle is that software should be affordable and user-friendly in order to provide a competitive advantage to our clients.

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