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Why Choose PSC Software™?

PSC Biotech Corporation, the parent company to PSC Software™, has worked to provide quality system implementation services since 1996. We have been retained by some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world to either design, or deploy, or validate QMS, EDMS, MES, LIMS, and other computer systems for nearly two decades. Through the history of seeing the gaps in life science processes, our software products were born.

ACE™ was designed by PSC Software™ professionals who saw the gap in processes first hand in to empower end users with the ability to design and maintain compliant, quality workflows, utilizing configuration instead of customization, to respond to changing business, quality, and regulatory requirements.

Our consultants have witnessed and taken part of the stress and inefficiency associated with audits and inspections. We know first-hand how audits and inspections can affect your entire business as a whole, and this is why AuditUtopia® was created.

We want to be your quality partners for the future.

PSC Software™ Experts Are Here To Help.

PSC Software™ experts help deliver a unique experience surrounding our products. Whether you need help with configuration, training, or even a feature request, we are dedicated to finding a specialized expert to assist our clients with any issue.

PSC Software™ adds value to clients by contributing the experience and technical skills to achieve consistent, high-quality results that meet budgetary and timeline objectives.


Our software experts offer live virtual and in-person trainings in order to ensure your team is successful in using PSC Software™ products.

Custom Development

Our software products are highly configurable to meet your company’s needs: big, small, or growing. ACE™ offers API functionality to cross-communicate with any current software you might be using. Our products also offer a variety of plugins, but sometimes you need something custom, unique or specific to your organization’s needs. Our developers can create plugins that fulfills exactly what that need is.


Our experts offer a broad range of consulting services to help you strategize and plan ways to help your employees to adjust and become familiar with the new products and processes.

Managed Hosting: PSC Software™

Our experts can install and maintain the software for our clients through our own datacenter. Let PSC host, configure, and manage your software to make things run as smoothly as possible for your company.

Installation / Setup

We give our clients the option to let our experts come in and help with the installation and configuration process. We even offer assistance with transferring information from your old system to your new software.

Performance Tuning

If you have some scalability issues or user requirements you need addressed, our experts can help make sure the system is suited to fit your needs.